KeyShot Webinar

Creating Interactive Visuals With KeyShotXR

Thursday, January 31st, 2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Learn how to prepare your scene, setup your interaction, and share an interactive scene out of KeyShot using a KeyShotXR. Sign up soon as space is limited!

In this webinar:
  • Prepare your scene to create a KeyShotXR
  • KeyShotXR settings and interaction
  • Generating an interactive scene
  • Sharing an interactive scene
  • Q&A

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Customer Story: Good Monday

Good Monday specializes in high-end 3D product visuals, CGI and retouching for advertising and design industry. We talk with Founder and Senior CG Artist, Frederik Tennholt, to learn about the process behind his visuals, and how KeyShot has helped in his collaboration with clients.

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Artist Feature: Matthias Develtere

Once you learn about Matthias Develtere's approach to a project, you'll understand the amazing detail added in his work. See more and discover why KeyShot has been such an important tool in his pipeline.

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Applying Textures in KeyShot

Applying textures is extremely easy to do inside KeyShot. Once you have your textures created, it's only a matter of applying them to the model and adjusting the mapping. Here's how to do it.

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KeyShot Quick Tip: Import Image Styles

Speed up your workflow with this new KeyShot 8 Quick Tip where you will learn how to take Image Styles you've set up in one scene and use them in another.

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How to Create and Use Physical Lights in KeyShot

In KeyShot, there are two ways to light your scene. HDRIs and physical lights. To add a physical light, simply drag and drop a light material from the KeyShot Library to a piece of geometry in your scene. Here's how the different light materials work.

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Webinar Recap: Displacement

Catch the recap and get an in-depth look at the new Displacement feature with loads of tips on how to use it to generate incredible 3D textures.

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