KeyShot Webinar

Advanced Material Creation with KeyShot Material Graph

Thursday, April 30, 2020 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

In this KeyShot live session, Karim Merchant takes you on a journey through the creation of advanced materials using the KeyShot Material Graph. We'll share examples, how to get started quickly, provide an overview and then get into examples so you can explore the unlimited possibilities of material creation with KeyShot. Sign up soon as space is limited!

In this webinar:
  • KeyShot Material Graph Possibilities
  • KeyShot Material Graph Quick Start
  • KeyShot Material Graph Usage and Terminology
  • KeyShot Material Graph Advantages
  • KeyShot Material Graph Step-by-Step
  • Q&A

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KeyShot 9.2 Now Available

Earlier this month, KeyShot 9.2 was released with new features and improvements for both KeyShot including a new Translucent Medium material, NVLink Multi-GPU Memory Support and a new Benchmark in KeyShot Viewer.

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KeyShot Studios

KeyShot Studios, co-founded by industry veterans Brad Adelmann and Tim Feher, and backed by Luxion, is the premier resource for professional-grade visuals or when you need to outsource your existing visualization needs. Learn more about how KeyShot Studios can help you.

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Customer Spotlight: PepsiCo

At KeyShot World 2020, we had the great honor to hear from Jacob Fine, Associate Design Manager at PepsiCo, about his approach to rendering product shots, full brand activations, and more. Watch the presentation and learn more about why KeyShot is such an important tool to their process.

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Artist Feature: Dániel Taylor

His skill in drawing the emotion out of a scene has attracted many to his style. KeyShot is in the foundation of his process for testing composition, lighting, and camera. Here he tells us more about his start and how he uses KeyShot.

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KeyShot Quick Tip: Displacement Animation

There are new KeyShot Quick Tips available each week, including this interesting method that shows you how to easily create eye-catching displacement animation. See this along with others on Patterns, Favorites, and more!

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Webinar Recap: KeyShot 9 Feature - Fuzz

Catch the recap of the webinar where we show you how to use the new KeyShot 9 feature - Fuzz. Follow along in this deep dive about how to apply fuzz effects to your projects with confidence and ease.

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KeyShot World Recap

Customer presentations and in-depth KeyShot sessions rounded out the '9 Days of KeyShot 9'/ Catch the highlights, watch the recordings and see the winners of the KeyShot World Render Weekly render contest.

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KeyShot on Campus

Excited Industrial Design students gathered for a live KeyShot 9 training session at California State University, Long Beach. Luxion’s team of creative and global training specialists answered questions and led demos on exciting new features that will propel this next generation of designers towards success.

Pictured are the five winners of a KeyShot 9 Student license. Event coordinated by Wesley Ihezue, senior Industrial Design student at CSULB and Student Representative for Luxion.


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