KeyShot Essentials Course

new-iconToday, we introduce a new KeyShot Video Tutorial course that takes you though getting started with KeyShot. Topics cover navigating the user interface, how materials are applied, working with cameras, adjusting environments, using KeyShot Cloud, and more. If you're just getting started or simply need a refresher, view the new videos here.

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INNGAGE: 5 Reasons Why We Use KeyShot

At INNGAGE, the award-winning design consultancy, KeyShot is the tool of choice for design visualization of their innovative product development. Learn more about the process, why they chose KeyShot, and their favorite KeyShot tips.

"...with KeyShot all members of the team, beginners or advanced in rendering skills, are able to obtain good results without effort."

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Designer Feature: Roshan Hakkim

With a Masters in Industrial design and a range of experience from work at PUMA to Philips Design, Roshan Hakkim, has honed his skills, mastering material appearance and lighting to create beautiful product visuals. Learn more about why he uses KeyShot through the product development process.

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KeyShot Quick Tip: Using Model Sets for Product Variations

Model Sets help you create product variations, color studies, and more in one, organized KeyShot file. Watch as Industrial Design Specialist, Brooke Harrington, explores the use of Model Sets in a scene with several phone cases and accessories.

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Webinar Recap: KeyShot Q&A with Will Gibbons

Catch the recap as guest presenter Will Gibbons takes your questions and covers topics about translucent materials, displacement maps, unique materials and more.

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